Served for the entire table on 25, 31 December 2023 and 1 January 2024

65€ Appetizers / Starter / Main Course / Cheese and Dessert
80€ Full menu


Porcini mushroom emulsion and melting veal shank cromesquis


Warm pâté of small game birds and foie gras,

Pigeons, partridges and quails

Beetroot cooked in ashes


Golden scallops in a casserole dish,

Lobster ravioli with preserved lemon

Bisque flambéed in cognac


Potted guinea fowl with head,

Stuffed cabbage thighs and blond liver cake

Supreme sauce


Platter of fresh and mature cheeses, mixed salad


Norwegian omelette to share,

Madagascar vanilla ice cream and ice cream infused with plum brandy

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